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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Model Shoot

These couple of photographs are from a model portfolio shoot for model Laura who was looking for some new photographs for her portfolio. There was a mixture of indoor shots in a studio setup and some outside; I’ve only posted a few from the outside session, but you can see more examples from the day on my website.

ISO 100 70mm f/2.8 1/350 sec

For the first shot I used the maximum Focal length on the lens that I was using (24-70mm lens) and a very wide aperture to maximise the depth of view in the image, ISO set to it’s lowest to and the shutter speed was set to correct exposure (this was obtained via the camera’s TTL metering) in natural light. The light was overcast cloud which created a nice soft looking light from above.

Portrait Photographer in London

Even though Laura’s eyes were closed I used her right eye as my focus point so that I would retain maximum detail of the eye lashes. If you look closely you can see a web design (Makeup and hair was done by Helen Hogg).

ISO 100 70mm f/2.8 1/250 sec

Change of hair and make-up but in the same location; again natural light only and metered via Camera ETTL and manually adjusting the shutter speed to obtain correct exposure.

Photographer in London

This shot has some significance as it was selected by a photography magazine PhotoPlus (Canon Edition)to be included on a cover disk that comes with the magazine each month. Not really my name in lights as such, but a nice feeling all the same! Especially as a lot of people will see the image who read the magazine.

Personally I don’t buy or read the photography magazines much these days, except maybe a flick through in the shop, or if I’m on a long train journey; but I find a lot of the articles just repeat themselves over time and apart from the reviews of equipment or interviews with other photographers to pass some time, I don’t get much from them. Strange that I should be saying this as my image is being used by one of them; it’s not that I don’t think there are a lot of people that get a LOT from the magazines because they do offer some great tutorials and inspiration, but I feel that I’ve outgrown many of the photography magazines these days and tend to get my inspiration from a variety of other sources.

With that in mind I was very happy for my photograph to be included. Below is a screenshot of cover disks gallery (January 2012 Issue 56 edition – out 14th December 2011) showing my photograph and below that, is the original image.

Finally a special thanks to the excellent model Laura and Stylist Helen for doing such a great job on the day!

Model: Laura Ford

Stylist/Make-up: Helen Hogg

Portrait Photographers in London


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