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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

False Starts and the Course

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Some of you may have noticed (or not) that there have been no updates for a very long time! Well I’ve had a break from the course before and had some ‘false starts’ also; however personal circumstances (full time work changes, a new baby on the scene and a post operation infection that I’m still recovering from…), plus starting to work semi-professionally as a photographer on paid assignments; all took it’s toll on the course and I never really got back into it.

However I have my final ultimatum start again!

Yes another restart.

Now from my previous history ‘restarting’ the course hasn’t always go down to well, so I make no promises and I’m under no illusion that it could all go wrong again. With that in mind this is my final chance of a restart; if I fail this, then I’m afraid the course will be over… Not to say it has been a waste of time, what I have gained has been invaluable this past year and I consider it to have been a great ‘baseline’ to where I am now with my photography.

Although I’ve not done the course work as such I have continued to push my knowledge in photography, by real photography assignments, professional workshops, joining a photographic society and being mentored by photographers with years of experience in the  photographic industry.

With that in mind rather than trying to play catch up at this stage, I will attack the course from a different approach; A big proportion of new learning log posts will be retrospective ‘live work’ that I have completed over the past year (or at least since my last updates) and apply what I have learnt in line with the exercises as much as possible; I WILL make effort to complete them exactly but in terms of how much time I have left to complete the course (not much) I may not get them all done (even with an extension that I will be asking for); but at least I can show I understand the aspects of each exercise from my other experiences; however the assessed assignments will be done to the brief as in the course text.

Anyway the last stand starts again… Wish me luck!


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