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Monday, 19 July 2010

Secondary colours

This is part two of this exercise to produce images dominated by one of the primary and secondary colours.


All of this set  was taken on different locations and under various light conditions. I have noted the shot details for each of the colours.




1/6 sec

ISO 100
The green set was taken at some nearby woods, on a bright sunny day with no clouds and using the camera set on a tripod to maintain a consistent viewpoint . I maintained a focal length, aperture and ISO any changing the shutter speed to adjust the exposure. I was going to try to find a more ‘pure green but as suggested in the course text; I tried to find more natural occurrences. When you look at the trees generally our brains see the green whereas in reality trees are made up of many shades of green and many other hues.



1/8 sec

ISO 100
This second image was the ‘average’ exposure for the scene



1/10 sec

ISO 100

This is the darkest of the 3 images (half-stop exposure difference of shutter speed) being the fastest shutter speed. The differences in the 3 exposures appear to be very subtle compared to other similar shots I’ve taken. Although the differences can be more clearly seen in the image below.


55mm f/5/6 0.3 sec ISO 100
Out of all the sets in this exercise I like the violet ones the best. The image is of a towel taken indoors with light coming through a window from the right side of the scene; I used a tripod to maintain the same viewpoint and as I like to shoot in the lowest ISO using the tripod reduced the chance of camera shake at such slow speeds. I just really like the abstract feel to it and the way the textures and depth of view make it more interesting for the eye.
55mm f/5/6 1/4 sec ISO 100

55mm f/5/6 1/6 sec ISO 100
Again the differences were quite subtle for the half-stop differences although clearer than the tree shots. I’ve created another version below so that they can be compared next to each other and you can see the differences more clearly


84mm f/11 1/125 sec ISO 100
This shot is my least interesting to be honest. It is the seat of my daughter’s swing in the back garden, however it serves the purpose of the exercise in filling the frame as much as possible with orange. The image was taken on a bright sunny day with no clouds and I used the camera on a tripod and framed it in camera (although the swing did move slightly in the wind for each shot). I found that the differences in the exposures clearer show the levels of saturation much clearer in this set, compared to the average exposed shot (below) this first shot has a faded weak colour.
84mm f/11 1/180 sec ISO 100

This was the averaged exposed image

84mm f/11 1/250 sec ISO 100

The fastest shutter has created the image with the most depth of saturation and the least brightness of the orange hue

As with the previous posts I’m still struggling to stay as focussed on the colour section. I’m not saying I’m not making progress with it, but just that progress is slow in relation to to. It’s been a busy time recently with my daughters birthday and starting a new job as well as some personal photography projects (still to be written up for blog!)that I’ve been exploring. While I don’t mean this to be an excuse for not being ‘on the ball’ with this section I “am” taking longer than I have during other exercises, so it’s a case of being patient with me for a while longer…

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