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Friday, 11 June 2010

Part Three: Colour

For some reason I didn’t feel quite as motivated for this section. Not quite sure why, maybe I needed a break from what I have done so far. However I thought it best to keep the roll going and crack on with this section, especially as I completed most of ‘Elements of Design’ as black & white monochrome images it means a different approach to the images I take.

Something else that I feel different, is in the previous sections I’ve looked closely at pre-course images and identified photographs that suited the exercises. Although I’ve only had a quick scan through my ‘library’ there wasn’t a great deal that stood out in line with what the next few exercises are asking for. I guess this adds to the challenge!

A bit of colour theory

The use of colour is also a design element that affects the way we see the image, however it also has specific qualities that affects us physiologically and psychologically; this makes it suitable as a separate section in its own right.

Primary Colours and Secondary Colours

There are essentially 2 types that we need to consider

Technical - This is the process of colour in relation to the recording and transmission of (light) colour

  • Primary: Red - Blue – Green
  • Secondary: Cyan - Magenta - Yellow

Perceptual - This is the way we see and feel about (reflected) colour

  • Primary: Red - Yellow – Blue
  • Secondary: Green - Violet - Orange

Although it is important to be aware of the properties and differences, it is suggested not to become ‘bogged down’ by the specifics at this stage. I’m aware that computer screens, image manipulation and digital cameras are associated to technical (transmitted RGB) colours; but for the purpose of the exercises, my focus will be towards the perceptual primary & secondary colours. I will however make reference to the transmitted colours if and when appropriate.

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  1. I know what you mean about the motivation! I found the colour section quite heavy going compared to Elements of Design, but I did enjoy the assignment on colour, if that's still part of the course.