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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Assignment2 – Feedback & Thoughts

As before my feedback came back from my tutor very quickly. I was very pleased with the feedback with plenty of constructive points and I think I’m still going in the right direction at least.

I felt that I was taking a bit of a risk with the set, by presenting them all as grey scale photographs, however I think overall it worked, despite some of the colourful subjects that I used. That said I’ve presented them with frames and as colour versions of the assignment below.

Where appropriate I’ve  also  include a few adjustments in response to some of the tutor feedback, and hopefully shown what I learnt from the feedback.


I like the Olive shot in both colour and mono version and I’m glad that I left the cocktail stick in with it’s implied line through the image


It was suggested that the eggs were switched position in the frame; In hindsight I can sort of see that the egg currently in the foreground is perhaps too dominant.

“The light is very nice on the foreground egg though.”

To present my assignment I had mounted the photographs on black paper, however my tutor reminded me to be careful when doing this for dark images, with a danger of it being lost into the background. It was suggested that a white border to make the image stand out more could have been better in this particular shot. While I have added borders on the blog version I did not on the printed versions; so it has certainly made me think more about the presentation, and I will consider this before submitting future assignments.


My tutor liked the idea of the scattered potatoes, but felt the paper bag in the submitted photograph was too ambiguous. As well as that there are some tiles in the upper right section of the image that were a little distracting (I actually left them there to give a context to where the shot was taken, but in the end it was too abstract and too much of a distraction to add value).

In response to these points, I cropped the photograph to a square format to remove the bag and then tested my editing skills to remove the tiles. I think this now works much better now and the crop also emphasises the curved shape more too.


“The rigid arrangement of the asparagus looks great.”

The black and white version gave them a metallic look, and although I live the colour version too, I think the mono assignment version worked better.


“It works well though as a diagonal composition. I think the lighting is a little bit too dramatic in this image though”

I restored the colour to the image but emphasised the warmer colours (reds) and I used Photoshop Elements to soften (blur) the hands slightly, to give it the appearance of softer light.

Ice Cream

“The ice cream and bowls is a beautiful image. I really like the contrast in the image and the simple shapes/composition. This is a really successful and original take on contemporary food photography”

Not a lot to say for this other than I was very happy with this image and the feedback in both colour and mono.


“..something between an Olympic torch and something more phallic!”

I had a good laugh at the feedback for this one! My tutor suggested that a squarer crop would emphasise the ‘S’ shape more, so I have adjusted and presented above in colour.

Green Apple

It was suggested that this would work better in colour as the reflections get lost in the submitted version – I agree and also think the green enhances the textures.

Red Apple

“As with your first set of apples, you have captured the texture very nicely... The white background is nice too, and the negative space to the right of the frame works well.”

Another image that I like in both colour and mono. The mono version gave the apples a really strong metallic look that I think worked well.

Pineapple 1&2


I tend to agree with the feedback on the pineapple photographs, in that the foliage image makes for a better rhythm than the pineapple skin, although the skin does make a nice pattern also. I also think they both work well in the colour format.


I think this image works better in colour than the submitted mono/grey scale version; with the mono version lacking in a certain ‘lushness’. A bit more playing around with the light direction and angle could have further improved also.

There has been some really useful feedback in relation to the assignment and on my log and  it would appear that I’m on track with things so far at least.

I’m glad I suck to submitting the assignment as grey scale versions even though I felt that some of them did actually work better in colour; added to that I think that If I had submitted them in colour I wouldn’t have learnt a much from the assignment as I did.

I actually felt that some of the exercise images were ‘stronger’ examples than some of the assignment, in  particular rhythm and patterns exercise,  however I wanted to maintain the theme of food and therefore they were not suitable for the submission.

My conclusions going forward were the same as last time. To make more effort to look at other photographers work. Although I’ve be fortunate to have been to some photography workshops and seen presentations from Keith Thompson and Robin Preston and I plan to see more, but as suggested I should look at more non-commercial photographers too and get out to some more exhibitions.


  1. Lovely work Graham! The banana reminded me of the Fleur de Lys design, but your tutor's comment was spot on and very funny :)

  2. Hi Graham, this is an excellent assignment and thanks for sharing your results. I find your blog (and images) quite spectacular! I hope you don't mind but I've recommended your blog to a fellow study group on flickr (T189 to OCA) as an inspirational example of how to do a blog well.

    Kind Regards,