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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


“A shape is both an outline and an enclosure”

A definable shape organises parts of a picture”

(from course OCA text)

This next exercise is about how ‘shapes’ are not only objects but can also be implied much as ‘lines’ could be in the previous exercises.  These shapes can be regular or irregular and some being easily recognizable shapes:

  • Triangles – frequent, activity, dynamic, can provide/create perspective
  • Rectangles  - Formal, enclosing, precise, static, appear artificial
  • Circles – less frequent, tight, compact enclosure, imposes a lot of structure, draws eye inwards

While others are uneven and are not defined. The course text suggests that the most useful shape in composition is the triangle; being made up of diagonals makes the composition more active and can bring order to an image.

If you look back at the diagonals exercises from earlier you will notice that many triangles were easily identified.

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