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Friday, 14 May 2010


Still keeping on the theme of lines the idea for this exercise is to take another 4 photographs, but this time using curves to emphasise movement and direction


The exercise required 4 examples, but wherever I can I like to look back at older images and give them the same analysis.


18mm f/19 1/45 sec ISO 100

The slight and simple curve of the London eye shows clearly against the dark sky. Not the best of examples, but I feel the diagonals adds some motion, from left to right, as if it is going to meet the plane trail coming from the right.


55mm f/8 1/350 sec ISO 100

Although the subject matter is static in nature, I feel that the curve draws you around from bottom left to top right. The contrast of the darker ground slabs against the lighter stone of the wall emphasises the line. I also used a square crop on the frame as I felt  it suited the shape of the curve as well as strengthening it within the composition.


41mm f/10 1/60 sec ISO 100

I like the contrast of the dark grass, creating the curved line against the lighter path. I feel that the curve draws the eye up and around the patch of grass.


35mm f/10 1/30 sec ISO 100

Although the curved line of the railing doesn’t have the strength of contrast with the background, I felt that way it follows the diminishing perspective of the steps, creates an almost 3D effect that draws the eye from right to left and up the steps.


55mm f/11 1/250 sec ISO 200

This is an older image that I picked out for the curved path running up to the top of Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons. The curve is created by the contrast of the light earth against the darker grass, drawing the eye forward and upwards. There are also 2 diagonals on either side that strengthens the eye movement to the top.

Finally I should also point out the curves that I identified in the earlier exercise Multiple points.

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