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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Focal Lengths – Just for fun (High Dynamic Range)

Something I didn’t mention in the last exercise for focal Lengths is that I took the images by exposure ‘bracketing’ my shots with different levels of exposure. The idea was to have a go at creating some HDR images. After taking the shots and uploading them as part of the previous exercise on focal Lengths. I then took each set of bracketed shots and  merged them together to make an HDR version for each.

Bracketing – Taking a sequence of shots (2 or more) with different exposures. In my examples I took 3 shots of each image; one at normal exposure, one under exposed and one over exposed

HDR (High Dynamic Range) – A technique that shows a greater range of light / Luminance in an image. I used a software package to merge the files as HDR

This is my first attempt at trying this and not sure I’m doing it correctly, however it was just for a bit of fun to see if I could do it.

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