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Thursday, 8 April 2010


I have made some crops in the earlier exercise of Fitting the frame to the subject. This exercise takes the concept further to practice cropping further.


These images are a selection of some that I have completed on the course and prior. As such I have left out the camera settings and just concentrated on the cropping and thought process behind the crops.


This is a scanned in photograph from when I went trekking in Nepal and Everest Base camp. I like the shot of two traders on market day in Namche Bazaar.


In this crop I wanted to focus attention on the two characters. However It feels tight to me I feel that they have no room to breath. You also lose some sense of scale


I prefer this crop which has a ‘panoramic’ feel to it and does not seem to lose the sense of scale. I thought about an off centre from having the subjects to one side, but they felt off balance.


Centre framed squirrel lots of space around. Quite static and there is also a distracting green leaf in the bottom left quarter of the image.

Crop I cropped in quite close and in doing so the distracting green leaf was removed. I feel that the image is much more dynamic with the squirrel off-centre, the space in front of the squirrel has given it space to move into. I find this a lot more interesting that the original.


This is where I was playing in the garden with my daughter last year with sparklers. Although I like this image, light reflecting off the window frame to the right is distracting and the dark door/space to the left adds little to the image.


I cropped in quite close with a square crop to give emphasis to the ‘O’ / circle of light and remove the distracting dark space and window. Although more symmetrical in balance I think the image remains dynamic from the sense of motion and the interest that the effect (by slow shutter speed) has created


A light trail shot taken over a bridge with slow shutter speeds. Although I like this shot and it feels balanced (there are a few distractions though – the sign post to the top left) I wanted to try something extreme with the crop.


I made an extreme crop of the road, removing all but the red streaks and the 50mph speed limits. This was about the tightest I could go without compromising the details (any tighter would have reduced the quality too far). As well as the tight crop I angled the crop so that the 50mp signs created a diagonal line making the image more unusual. Out of all of the crops this is my favourite. Note: this was taken last year and the crop was used as part of a panel I used for an Open University course. I was planning to replicate the image (as I play with light trails at the same spot regularly) but time was against me.

Very enjoyable project and useful to practice Photoshop skills. I still think I need to be more aware of ‘framing’ in the viewfinder (especially with leaving space for the subjects)  and admittedly I’ve been a ‘crop in post production’ person thus far.

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