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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Assignment1 – Feedback & Thoughts

I didn't think I would get my feedback so soon, however I was very grateful for the speedy reply!

I was really pleased with the feedback, it was pretty positive and had some really good constructive points that I need to think about going forward. It was a nice feeling to think that I’m at least going in the right direction with my photography and the course! Below are some extracts from my tutors comments and my thoughts on them. Now I can’t share all of the comments, I don’t want to give away tips for those of you looking for hints for your own assignments!

I had some nice comments about my project and exercise updates on the learning log (blog) and particularly my write-up after the Irving Penn Exhibition had some positive points with added encouragement to visit other exhibitions and write about them, which I’ve already planned to do.

There were nice comments about my assignment notes and conclusions too, and some interesting feedback about how I like to work.

“You sound slightly self-conscious about enjoying setting up photographs rather than ‘finding’ them. I wouldn’t worry about this — ‘making’ photographs is just as good, if not better than ‘taking’ them, and a good way to think about how your work as a photographer”

This is true, I was a bit worried that I wasn’t finding the subjects as much, I tend to(but not in all cases) imagine the idea then create it from the mind’s eye. Maybe this is something to think about more in the future as a developing style / way of working, certainly I enjoy the control and setting up of the shots. That’s not to say I won’t push myself and explore as many aspects as I can; I would quite like to take more ‘people’  photographs too for example.

I feel that the most constructive learning points, to come out of my feedback was on the ‘relationships’ of the images together and as pairs.

“I think on the whole, your images make good visual contrasts and you have chosen some appropriate subjects. Others seem slightly more random in their correlation as subjects, although, as I said, they ‘work’ on a purely visual level”

It was one of those ‘I kind of knew something was missing, but wasn’t sure what’ kind of moments. I knew that the contrasts were fundamental to the exercise, as were the relationship between the contrasts, however I think I didn’t consider how the images relate to each other as a pair as much as I could/should have done. Granted the contrasts are there visually, but what ‘relates’ the pair together was missed in some.

Now I have the ‘oh yeah I see what you mean now!’ feeling. It is definitely something to take on board and I’m grateful for these comments. In the feedback, some of the pairs were used to illustrate this idea in more depth by my tutor, however I’m not going to post the comments of these to the blog, they will remain with the printed assignment and prints. So for anyone who follows my log you will have to work out what you think for yourselves! 

“I think there is plenty of good work here. Your images are very strong and you obviously take a lot of care with your work. I think you just need to think a little more carefully about how subjects relate to one another. I suppose that also, if you’re more interested in creating scenes to photograph, one has to think even more carefully about how the message is to be constructed and how it will be conveyed to the viewer”

Can’t say fairer that that. I’m quite happy with my photographs for the assignment and  with what I’ve done  on the projects so far; I have plenty to think about going forward, both taking my own observations and what I’ve taken on board from the feedback.

Overall pretty pleased with myself and now going to have a beer…

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