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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Photographing movement – Part II

The final part of the exercises was to choose 2 favourite images from the 2 sets. I actually found this quite difficult, as I liked many of them for different reasons and even now not 100% convinced of my choices; I enjoyed both exercises and even though more than one from each set appealed to me I chose the following;

Image8 (static)
Image8 (panning)

I guess I chose theses as being what I feel are the most conventional views of motion. Both are recognisable as cars, while the static shot the car is blurred against the rest of the image is sharp and overall I feel it shows that the car is in motion (the sharpness of the vehicle was not as important for the effect). In the panning image I like that the car is in focus, but the wheels are blurred adding to the motion. I also feel that the sports style of the car added to the effect. Added to that I was quite please with my panning efforts especially at 50mph!

Just for fun

I thought I would add a few extra long exposure images that I have taken prior to the course, plus a few that I took from the exercises and tweaked them in Photoshop elements to see what effects I could get from the overexposed images. 

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