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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Focus with a set aperture – Just for fun

Here are comments that I received in relation to my Swee’Pea reverse image experiment on flickr & facebook.

For Swee’Pea (orginal)

  • “Interesting question. We touched on it in T189, apparently western eyes like moving from left to right - the same way as we are taught to read, and I prefer No 1. Anyway whichever is preferred its a good technical demonstration of Dof and perspective, so thanks GB.” - PeterChad (flickr)
  • “ prefer this one, because its the right way round...although there is very little text on the base of olive, its nice to be readable”Graham Andrews
  • “I like the one on the right because your eye is drawn to the barrel first then the other characters & their reactions”Kristy Mannix Photography

For Swee’Pea II (Reversed)

  • “I've looked very carefully, and of the two Sweet Peas I prefer this one. However, it is very difficult for me to decide exactly why I prefer it.
    Perhaps because the direction in which they are facing is to the right, and in our Roman alphabet we read from left to right? Somehow it feels more comfortable to me for a sense of movement to be going towards the right (forwards?) rather than left (backwards?)”
    - amnesia.of.borg (flickr)
  • “I like this one better! Nice clarity!” - RMBPhotos (flickr) 
  • “funky pics!! I like the one on the left x” – Siobhán
  • “I agree! They're all great, but I think I prefer this one. Great subject matter! Where's Olive Oyl???” - Sun Dogs & Daylilies (flickr)

I also asked my family and they mostly preferred the original, but not really sure why.

I guess that overall it was a 60-40ish split between the two images with the original being the most preferred. I haven’t made any real conclusions about this yet, it was just for a bit of fun and it appears quite subjective with arguments for both; perhaps I will explore this further as the course continues. 

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