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Saturday, 30 January 2010

More pre-course admin

I’ve had a bit more time today to go through the course materials and sort out a bit of admin. I’ve skimmed through the course book and looked at some of the assignments, but mostly I’m still the the preparation phase, making sure I know how this all works and being as prepared as I can be. I’ve read through the student handbook and sorted out space in a filing cabinet to keep all the photo materials and coursework, plus I’ve put some folder dividers in the course book making it easier to find the projects and assignments.

There are still a few things to tick off my initial pre-course list, but so far I still feel in control at this stage.

  • Complete Student Profile
  • Register with the OCA website (done!)
  • Send off Information sheet to OCA
  • Make contact and send student profile to tutor (email later or tomorrow morning
  • Read through course materials and start the course – Ongoing!
  • I’ve already done the blog!

I’ve also spent a bit of time today to ‘smarten’ up my blog with a few of my personal links. including an additional ‘subscribe’ to Posts and Comment updates to encourage more interaction to anyone who is interested. I personally find this a useful tool, allowing me keep track of the progress of other blogs that I like. I feel that it encourages more interaction with others; when I see an update on one of my feeds it prompts me to have a look and make comments. It’s also useful to keep track of comments people make on my own blog.

I find interacting with other students a valuable exercise. A big part of the OU course was geared towards ‘peer’ interaction as it gave fresh eyes to your work (and theirs) often spotting/suggesting ideas that were not considered at the time, across all ability levels.
I feel that looking at peer work and giving/receiving feedback helps you to think more constructively about an image, moving from just thinking ‘That’s a nice picture..’ to ‘That’s a good image because..' and ‘that’s a good image which could be improved by..’

Anyway food for though.

If you have a flickr account feel free to add me as a contact , so idea’s can be shared there as well as blogs and OCA

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