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Monday, 1 February 2010

Even more Pre-Course Admin..

Ok it must be about time I get going with the course instead of all the ‘admin’! I’ve covered all my list and it’s time to crack on. I Received a letter from my Tutor this morning giving me a few more details about helping me get the best out of the course. He also sent a link to his website All admin bits completed and on my way.


  1. You are very impressively organised !!

    I was just itching to start, didnt bother sorting stuff out like you have although I did read all the stuff.

    BTW we have the same tutor :)

  2. Hi, I've got Jesse as a tutor too! I signed up at the beginning of Jan 2010 and am enjoying it so far, although thought I would be further along than I am now. I wonder how many of us Jesse's tutoring?