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Friday, 29 January 2010

Course Materials here!

My course materials pack arrived today! However I’m resisting the temptation to dive straight in with the coursework. I plan to take my time and make (and log) my preparations.

I was expecting a bit more in the case of ‘materials;’ but after having a flick through I get the impression it’s content/quality and not quantity! So I’ve spent the evening reading through the supplementary materials and have made a couple of points on what I to cover for the Student profile.

I will have a ‘proper’ read through the materials Saturday and plan what I need to do over the next few days. but so far it would be:

  • Complete Student Profile
  • Register with the OCA website (done!)
  • Send off Information sheet to OCA
  • Make contact and send student profile to tutor
  • Read through course materials
  • I’ve already done the blog!

I will hold off from buying any stationary yet until I have made contact with the tutor. I would hope that my tutor likes to use ‘electronic medium’ be it Blog, flickr, email or burning and sending CD/DVD’s for the course; this is by far the most convenient way for me to communicate over distance at the moment.    

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