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Saturday, 30 January 2010


I was quite lucky over the Christmas period and was give a few Photography books. I haven’t had a great deal of time to read though them yet, however I’ve listed them here and given some initial thoughts where I’ve skimmed through them. Maybe as the course goes on I will add new books and update my thoughts on them…


Digital Photography Masterclass: Advanced Photographic and Image-manipulation Techniques for Creating Perfect Pictures  - Tom Ang

First impressions are good, with an easy readable style with lots of suggestions and examples of different photographic situations. The book has also has some interviews with up-and-coming photographers from different fields which I particularly like


  The Photographer's Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos – Michael Freeman

Not had a look at this one yet. However I bought this one as recommended text from the OCA Art of Photography Course  suggested booklist


  The Photograph: A Visual and Cultural History (Oxford History of Art)  - Graham Clarke

Not had a look at this one yet. However it came with the course materials for the OCA Art of Photography Course


  Langford's Starting Photography: The guide to great images with digital or film  - Michael Langford & Philip Andrews

I bought this one during the Open University Course T189. I found this a good starting point with the OC course. I particularly liked the ‘self’ projects at the end of some chapters as they give ideas for practising the theory


  The Book of Digital Photography – Chris George

This was another Christmas present, however my first impressions are that it has a very easy reading style. It appears to be focused more on the technical aspects of camera control and editing software. Looks like it will be a useful reference tool


  The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-step Secrets for How to Make Your Photos Look Like the Pros'!  - Scott Kelby

Another present and again not really looked at this one much yet, but first impressions is its a series of tips under certain circumstances and conditions. The author has put a ‘sense of humour’ to his writing style, but my verdict’s out on it’s usefulness (or humour) yet.


  PhotoPlus (Canon Edition) – Chris George (Editor) 

Ok it’s not a book, however it is a magazine that I have bought from time to time as it is aimed at the Canon DSLR user. I find the free CD ROM useful as it contains tips and lessons on using Photoshop Elements and other software applications.

Note: I do work for any of these publications and I’m not linked to any organisation that represents them.  They’re just my opinions.  

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